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Everything started in the kitchen. This popular high-in-fiber body cleanser is certainly a home-made recipe, containing hand-processed garden herbs. The psyllium herbal mix has been compiled by a natural healer physician, who then shared it with his family and friends. Then the friends shared it with their friends, and so on. And that is how the secret recipe has become a recognizable brand ordered from all over the world – proven by the thousands of certified healing testimonies about the Clean Inside® Program.

"Are you clean inside?"

Nature has provided us with virtually everything to enable our body to heal and nourish itself. And this is why Natural Swiss® is so committed to using pure ingredients and well-tested herbs. Natural Swiss® has been a leading brand in natural body cleansing and detoxification even on a worldwide scale for over a decade. Therefore, while we preserve the century-old traditions of natural body cleansing, the Natural Swiss® product family is constantly expanding in order to offer solutions that support whole body wellness in our modern world. This continuous innovation has not been repeated or even approached by any companies following in our footsteps. Natural Swiss® produces a range of products of unrivalled quality. We have created the company from a family business in 2006 which had been established by an herbal expert, and which now has over sixty employees. Among our customers are the largest European herb distributors and pharmacies, and our products are recommended by numerous herbal product sellers and physicians throughout Europe. When growing our herbs, we combine the most traditional farming methods with modern technologies. We cooperate with supervised growers throughout Europe, which provides high quality production throughout the year. We consider the holistic approach to business life the best example to follow, which facilitates the operation of a state-of-the-art, balanced, sustainable and environmentally conscious system, and the production of premium quality, successful products.

Our philosophy

Quality above all

Quality defines the Natural Swiss® products. Our company’s philosophy is to provide our customers with the best of everything. We know no compromise and do not deviate from the right path which we chose at the beginning. Providing the highest quality is not a burdensome chore for us but a self-evident internal expectation, and the expression of our respect for our customers. Natural Swiss® aspires to offer the best all around, as manifest in the appearance of our products, the design of the packaging as well as its contents. We strive for perfection in order to earn the acknowledgement of our customers.

In harmony with nature, in harmony with humanity

The yin and yang are complementary forces that embody the order of balance realized in nature. This is why we have chosen this symbol as the logo of Natural Swiss®, as it expresses all of the knowledge and approach to life that characterize our services and products. We believe in the omnipotence of nature and its power to create balance, which is why we only use natural herbs and ingredients in our products, whose individual benefits achieve even better results when combined. This harmony characterizes the professional relationships of Natural Swiss® also.

Respect for others

We are convinced that we can only live complete lives, and we can only do our jobs successfully, if we respect nature surrounding us, ourselves, our fellow humans, and the achievements of others. The business model of Natural Swiss® therefore is based on respect – we stand up for the values we consider our own at all times. At the same time, we listen to and respect others’ opinions in order to ensure that we are able to accomplish our responsibilities at the highest level. And all of this contributes to our ability to offer help to even more people.

"You are what you eat!"


The root of all problems and the darkest secret

So what is the root of most gastrointestinal problems? Take a look at this image. How would you feel if long, toxic feces attached to and lined the walls of your intestines for decades? These people probably complain about constipation, indigestion and lethargy. This material would irritate your intestines also, as it is the cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Just think about all the problems that such toxic residue can cause! Stomach problems, constipation, exhaustion, gas, puffing, indigestion, weight gain, and a large, protruding belly. The list can go on.

You have probably never heard about it, as this phenomenon is the darkest secret in Europe, like it has so eloquently been written in Vitalitas Magazine:

“On the list of topics for a polite conversation, the state of our bowels is probably the last. Let’s face the facts: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, gas, diverticulitis, and colon cancer are not the kind of topics we gladly talk about. However, as the old saying goes, death begins in the colon. You don’t believe it? Just ask a coroner. Autopsies often reveal that the colon is 60% blocked by fecal residue.”

Vitalitas Magazine

Improve your life quality!

There is no more need to suppress these painful and often embarrassing symptoms, if you are willing to learn about how they are caused by poisons congesting our bodies and toxins infiltrating our intestines.

You can learn more about the truth regarding colonic cleansing on this website, where we explain in details the following:

  • Why is it vital to regularly cleanse and detox your system?
  • How can you effectively cleanse and detox your colon and internal organs?
  • What kinds of benefits can you expect, and how will your life quality improve?

The following information will completely amaze you, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt like your prayers have been answered – as it is witnessed by many testimonies on this website.

This renowned and award winning cleansing program has improved the lives of countless people worldwide in the past decade, you can read this impartial review about leading colon cleansing products. The Clean Inside Program has been used across Europe with great results for years.

What you need to know about parasites

All of the toxins and the inorganic, artificial ingredients in food lead to bad digestion, creating toxic deposits in many parts of your system, among them your colon. These toxic materials in the colon then often “turn into the dark world of horrible creatures feeding off the body, the parasites.”

Discover magazine already stated in its editorial back in August 2000: “Each living body carries at least one parasite on or in it, but many – including humans – many more than that. …Scientists… are only now beginning to discover the power these hiding parasites have, while their research points to shocking possibilities: Perhaps the world is used by parasites! The discovery that these tiny creatures, which we all but consider natural, may represent such overwhelming power…We are a mass of cooperating cells which are harmonized by chemical signals. If a given organism, such as a parasite, is able to control these signals, then it is able to control us. And therein lies the unique and horrifying reality of parasite.” Toxins in our environment, unhealthy eating habits, and the parasites together pose a threat on humans. “In reality, parasites have killed more people than all the wars throughout history,” says the National Geographic in The Body Snatchers, one of its award-winning documentaries. If you don’t believe that we can have intestinal worms and other parasites, then read the thousands of real accounts you find on the Natural Swiss® website. You will soon realize that this problem is much more widespread than you ever imagined.
Read the thousands of real accounts you can find on the Natural Swiss® website. You will soon realize that this problem is much more widespread than you ever imagined.

When do you need internal cleansing?

If you are facing the life-changing decision for the first time, then you probably have never seriously considered the following simple question: Are you clean inside? Naturally, you keep yourself clean on the outside: You shower, brush your teeth, wash your hair – but do you keep yourself clean inside? In this modern, toxin-filled world, it is increasingly clear that the colon (the body’s sewer system), the liver and other organs need regular cleansing as our cars need regular oil change and servicing.

How do you know when it’s time to free our bodies from the accumulated toxins, parasites and other excreta? If you are experiencing one or more of the below listed symptoms, then it’s time to detox:

  • Frequent fatigue and weakness
  • Food allergies
  • Bad taste in your mouth, stool with excessively bad odor
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Skin problem, cold sores, etc.
  • Candida
  • Wind, gas and puffiness
  • Inefficient digestion
  • Parasites in your stool
  • Recurring headaches
  • Protruding belly ("life saver")
  • Taste of metal in mouth
  • Extra weight
  • Irritability, mood swings
  • Frequent colds
  • Chronic constipation
  • Insatiable appetite
  • Hemorrhoids

How to properly detox your body?

We can accomplish this through various procedures, but based on my experience it is simplest, most effective and safest using our Natural Swiss® Clean Inside® and ToxiClean® cleansing and detoxification programs. These have been developed scientifically, using the results of the latest research to help detox the entire system. The ToxiClean® program is the most comprehensive, completely natural detoxification system, with well-documented results, ever created. Almost 50 different kinds of natural ingredients can be found in specific amounts in the Clean Inside® and ToxiClean® programs, all of which serve only one goal: the most thorough detoxification of the human body.

“…some horrible, unbelievable material came out of me on the third day; I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

(Katalin Körmendi)

Testimonies certified by a notary public!

Read the opinions of our satisfied customers, which have been certified by a notary public! You can view the originals by clicking on the “certified” caption under the images. To view the thousands of certified testimonies, click here!

David M. Woodbridge, Bridgend
August 2014

"It's now time to start another course of CleanInside"

I used CleanInside previously and was amazed with the results, not only did the product actually do what it states, but I felt so much better health wise for a long time afterwards.
I lost weight (Which was an added bonus) and even persuaded my friends to try as well.
It’s now time to start another course of NaruralSwiss, (Which I just purchased) and looking forward to the positive outcome once again. I have nothing to gain by writing this testimonial just lots to lose (Using NaturalSwiss), please feel free to e-mail me if so desired.

Mike Gilbert Lincolnshire
June 2014

"I never thought that I would end up writing my own testimonial"

“This is a great product. I went to the doctor for an annual check up and he advised me that I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and should alter my diet. I decided that I wanted to try and do more to revitalise my body and looked on the internet, where I found the NaturalSwiss range with a large number of testimonials to their credit. I ordered the CleanInside and ToxiClean programme for 2 months. I never thought that I would end up writing my own testimonial but I have just returned from my doctor after a re-check and he has was as surprised as I was, because my blood pressure and cholesterol are now at really healthy levels. I am so impressed with your product that some of my friends are now taking the programms.”

Don’t wait – start the Clean Inside Program today!

You have found the Natural Swiss® website, because you were looking for answers to one of the following questions:
  • How could I go to the bathroom without having to force out tiny pebbles 1-2 times a week on the commode?
  • How could I get rid of the horrible pain of my unpredictable bowel movement caused by IBS and live a more comfortable life?
  • How could I get rid of the cramps caused by gas, and the torturing puffiness in my stomach?
  • Why can’t I lose weight, while I am trying to eat healthy and exercise?
  • How could I have a flat stomach?
  • Why do I always feel so listless and tired?
  • How could I stop acid reflux, hemorrhoids, acne, headaches, etc.?
Maybe you have already heard of the importance of cleansing and know how useful it is, and you are looking for the best detoxification program. Perhaps one of your friends or relatives sang praises of Natural Swiss® and told you that you HAVE TO look at this website. Whatever they are, you obviously know your own reasons and questions best.

You must cleanse the toxins from your body! And you must do it now, as soon as possible!

CleanInside kúra
Your health and life quality depends on it. The Natural Swiss® intestinal cleanse and detoxification programs are simple, affordable, effective and safe. Don’t wait. Act now before it’s too late!
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Candace K. Mountain Home, AR
Feb 7, 2014

"I have never felt better"

I tried everything to get rid of my constant constipation… at 48 years old, I came on to this website and decided to try this product because of all the great testimonials. Believe me, I have never sent a testimonial before in my life. But this product has changed my life for the better. I did a full 3 months of the colon cleanse. Then, I kept ordering the colon cleanse fibre for every day. I am now into me 9th month of fibre and have never felt better.
I will not stop using this very helpful product. I have to say, there are no cramps, no bad side effects and just the best feeling of being clean. I can’t thank NaturalSwiss enough for helping me feel the best. Thank you very much.”

Rusty D. Enid
July 2014

"CleanInside helped me feel years younger with more energy, and it stopped that bloated feeling."

“I am a 46 year old male who has many health issues. Some of these issues require the constant use of strong narcotic pain medication. I had been on these pain medications for about 10 years and they are very constipating. I ordered the CleanInside package and it worked wonders. I almost immediately became regular with bowel movements twice a day. They were not urgent nor violent movements like I had with laxatives that I had used.
I am still on the medication and am saving the money to order another supply of the CleanInside. It is the best product money can buy. I felt years younger with more energy and it stopped that bloated feeling. I would recommend it to anyone in a situation like mine or even anyone who feels healthy. It will make a difference in your life. I think you look better, feel better and just have a better quality of life while taking the products. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Any questions?

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Why do we recommend total cleansing with the help of the NaturalSwiss detoxification program?

  • The formula of the Natural Swiss® Detoxification Program was developed in Switzerland. The ingredients were compiled by Swiss researchers on a scientific basis, based on the latest research results into detoxifying the whole body.
  • With other products it is impossible to achieve such complete colon cleansing, although many others may claim the same results.
  • The Natural Swiss® Detox Program contains only natural ingredients, which can be consumed by vegetarians and diabetics too!
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee is available without compromising consumer’s rights!
  • With the help of the detoxification program colon cleanings is easy and gentle.

Using the program

Take 2 Parasic capsules orally on an empty stomach in the morning
15 minutes later, mix a spoonful of Clean Inside fibre in 3 dl water.
Drink a cup of Slim Tea before going to bed.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily in intervals throughout the day.
With 1 treatment
With 2 treatment
With 3 treatment
First 5 days
6 - 30 days
31 - 60 days
31 - 90 days
In the morning
  • 2 Parasic capsules
  • 1/2 spoon Clean Inside fibre
  • 4 Parasic capsules
  • 1 spoon Clean Inside fibre
  • 4 Parasic capsules (skip this step on days 31-35)
  • 1 spoon Clean Inside fibre
  • 4 Parasic capsules (skip this step on days 61-65)
  • 1 spoon Clean Inside fibre
During the day
  • Plus 8 glasses (2 liters) non-carbonated mineral water drunk throughout the day
  • Plus 8 glasses (2 liters) non-carbonated mineral water drunk throughout the day
  • Plus 8 glasses (2 liters) non-carbonated mineral water drunk throughout the day
  • Plus 8 glasses (2 liters) non-carbonated mineral water drunk throughout the day
In the evening
  • 1 cup of Slim Tea before going to bed
  • 1 cup of Slim Tea before going to bed
  • 1 cup of Slim Tea before going to bed (skip this step on days 31-35)
  • 1 cup of Slim Tea before going to bed (skip this step on days 61-65)

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