Terms and conditions

Privacy Policy

At NaturalSwiss we protect your privacy as if it were our own. We NEVER sell, trade, rent, or reveal your personal information to others.

Contact information from all forms (including name, address, email address, payment info, etc.) is used to process and deliver orders and mail information about our company to our customers. At no time will we share any of this information with any other person or company. Any financial information our customers submit, such as credit card number and expiration date, is used only to charge the customer for products and services they are purchasing.

No Spam
We do not use, nor do we condone the use of unsolicited bulk email. We do email our customers with order confirmations, and periodically information about product specials and follow-ups to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. If you do not wish to receive any email from us at all, simply notify our customer service on customersupport@naturalswiss.ch and we will not send you any correspondence.

Shipping Policy

To simplify the processing of your order, we offer flat Shipping & Handling fees for all orders whether placed online, on the phone or by mail/fax. The delivery can be expected within 2 working days and the delivery company will contact you regarding delivery times directly via e-mail. Please bear in mind that delivery times are between Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.

With questions regarding the products please contact our customer service team on customersupport@naturalswiss.ch


You cannot lose anything if you order your 2 or 3 month program.
NaturalSwiss (Natural Swiss s.r.o., Jelenia 1, 811 05, Bratislava) offers a 60 day money back guarantee for its CleanInside and ToxiClean programs because for its first users it is strongly recommended to conduct a 2-3 month treatment. We would like to guarantee to our customers that they have nothing to lose by ordering the 2 or 3 month program, with which you can save a lot on the product price, as opposed to ordering them one by one.

Our experiences show that those, who order the 1 month program, a couple of weeks into using it will want to order the next month’s treatment or get their relatives involved. You can still enjoy the great benefits of these products however if you do not order the 3 month program then you misss out on the opportunity to save on the price.

Satisfaction guarantee

Thanks to our no-hassle money back guarantee you could be enjoying the benefits of our product for even 2 months before you want to decide whether it was worth your expense or not. We are 100% confident that the Clean Inside Program will exceed your expectations. In reality only a very few people utilise the money back guarantee, and even those mostly because of personal or financial reasons and not because they are dissatisfied with our product. This is how it becomes apparent that we offer high quality and we strive for 100% satisfaction with our customers.

Money back guarantee policy

Return of the product: if you’re not totally satisfied with any of our products, just return it for a refund of the purchase price. For a full refund, all containers need to be returned whether they are opened or not. We do not issue refunds for products that are not returned, or for products returned after 60 days. A copy of the invoice must be included with a return as well. You have 60 days after receiving your products to decide. This is an unconditional, no-questions-asked policy. (We will need the IBAN number and SWIFT code or BIC of your bank account, if you paid cash on delivery, if you used your card, we will refund the money onto your card) Please allow 15 days for refunds. When returning items, please use tracked delivery or Recorded Mail to ensure proper delivery of your return. This is useful, in case your returned product gets lost in transfer and you will have proof that you have indeed shipped the product for a refund.

Shipping charges are not refundable.

Please send all returns to:
Natural Swiss s.r.o., Jelenia 1, 811 05, Bratislava

General terms and conditions of NaturalSwiss (Terms and conditions)

The following sets forth the terms and conditions of the contract between NaturalSwiss (Natural Swiss s.r.o., Jelenia 1, 811 05, Bratislava) and the users of the website www.naturalswiss.co.uk with respect to the use of the Services available on this website and governs the relationship between them.

I. General provisions


Art. 1.
For the purposes of the present Terms and Conditions, the terms and the phrases listed bellow shall have the following meaning:

  • “www.naturalswiss.co.uk” (https://www.www.naturalswiss.co.uk) is a website – a virtual informational resource in the Internet, owned by NaturalSwiss (Natural Swiss s.r.o., Jelenia 1, 811 05, Bratislava) which presents NaturalSwiss products and services and gives the users the opportunity to use different services, as well as to find information by hyperlinks to resources, situated on the NaturalSwiss server or another server, out of the control of NaturalSwiss. “NaturalSwiss ” (Natural Swiss s.r.o.) is a limited liability company, with post address: Jelenia 1, 811 05, Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • “Services” are the services and the resources provided by NaturalSwiss to the users of www.naturalswiss.co.uk, as access to websites under www.naturalswiss.co.uk, including products in this catalog /product list/ and other services, that are subject to continuous development and addition.
  • “User” is any natural person, who uses the Services rendered by NaturalSwiss through the website www.naturalswiss.co.uk after fulfilling the conditions of registration described below. The user has a contractual relationship with NaturalSwiss.
  • “Malicious actions” are actions or inactions, violating the Internet ethics or causing damages to persons connected to the Internet or associated nets, as well as any actions that can be qualified as crimes or administrative offences according to the Slovakian /EU/ or other applicable legislation. The malicious actions include, without to be limited to, the following: flooding, gaining access to resources by using somebody else’s rights and passwords, using system imperfections for own benefit or for gaining information (HACK), committing actions, that can be qualified as industrial espionage or sabotage, damaging or destruction of systems or information massifs (CRACK), sending systems for unauthorized distant control (“Trojan Horses”) or causing installation of viruses, disturbance of the other Internet and associated networks user’s normal work, etc.
  • “Website” is a certain place in the Internet, accessible by its unified address (URL) on a protocol HTTP, HTTPS or other standard protocol and consisting of files, programs, text, sound, picture, image or other materials and resources.
  • “Web page” is a composite part of a website.
  • “IP address” is a unique identical number, associating a computer, web page or user’s resource in a way that allows their localization in the Internet.
  • “User account” is a particular part of the website www.naturalswiss.co.uk containing information about the user required by NaturalSwiss when concluding the contract, and stored by NaturalSwiss. The user account is accessible by a username and a password. The user account gives the user an opportunity to use of the Services for which the prior registration is required, in the NaturalSwiss Database, to cancel the use of the Services, to update the data entered with regard to the registration, to change his/her password and others.
  • “Information system” is each particular device or combination of connected or similar devices, which in performance of certain program provide for or one of its components provides for the automated data processing.
  • “Hyperlink” is a link placed on a certain web page, which allows automatic reference to other web page, informational resource or object through standard protocols.
  • “Password” is a chosen by the user code of letters, ciphers and symbols, which along with the username serves for access to his/her user profile.
  • “Username” is chosen by the user unique code of letters, ciphers and symbols, which individualizes the user when accessing his/her, user profile.
  • “Chance event” is a circumstance unforeseen at the moment of the contract conclusion which makes the provision of the Services objectively impossible.


Art. 2.

  • NaturalSwiss provides the Services under strictly observance by the user of the requirements stipulated bellow and the additional requirements for the provision of particular Services, which are published on the web pages in www.naturalswiss.co.uk.
  • The Services which are subject to the present Terms and Conditions cover a complex of resources and services predefined as available upon prior registration or upon registration and payment of a respective price and described on the web pages of www.naturalswiss.co.uk. as accessible under the respective terms and conditions for use.
  • For the resources and the services, which are available for all customers without prior registration, the Rules for the use of the www.naturalswiss.co.uk. website shall apply.
  • The computer and other technical equipment, the Internet access and the connection for the transmission of informational packages between the user and the web page, necessary for the use of the Services provided, are to be ensured by the user him/herself. NaturalSwiss shall not be liable in cases where the user cannot access the Services because of the problems which are not under its control (hardware or software problem, problem regarding the Internet connection, etc.).
  • The present Terms and Conditions shall not apply with respect to Services which are subject to particular rules, as well as with respect to the relationships between the user and third parties.

Art. 3.
As far as the Services provided by NaturalSwiss are various and permanently increasing and modifiable with a view to their improvement and widening the number, the features and the regime for their provision (free access, upon prior registration or after registration and payment of respective price) may be changed at any time by NaturalSwiss

Consent with the Terms and Conditions. Registration


  • In order to use the Services provided the user shall register himself/herself by completing the respective online registration form available on www.naturalswiss.co.uk. and shall express his/her consent to be bound by the present Terms and Conditions.
  • By completing the registration form and clicking on the check-box “I have red the General Terms and Conditions and I agree with it” and on the virtual button “Create my account now!”, the user performs an electronic statement within the meaning of the Slovak /EU/ Electronic Document and declares that he/she is acquainted with the present Terms and Conditions, he/she accepts them and undertakes to observe them. The electronic statement, by its storage on the NaturalSwiss ‘s server through a generally accepted standard for technical transformation that makes possible its reproduction, gains the capacity of an electronic document within the meaning of the quoted act. NaturalSwiss may store in log-files on its server the user’s IP address, as well as any other information necessary for the identification of the user and for the reproduction of his/her electronic statement for acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions in case that legal argument arises. The user may correct without any restriction the information, which he/she fills in the registration form before the performance of the statement under paragraph 2 above.
  • For using the paid Services provided by NaturalSwiss except the registration, the payment of the respective price and the acceptance of the applicable License Agreement are also required.
  • When filling the registration form the user is obliged to provide comprehensive and true information about his/her identity, occupation and the other required by the electronic form data, as well as to update them within 7 days of their change. The user declares and warrants that the data provided during his/her registration are true, correct and full and undertakes to correct and update it in due time should any changes in these data occurs.
  • In case where the user provides false data or does not submit the necessary changes in the term under the preceding paragraph, NaturalSwiss is entitled to terminate or to suspend immediately and without prior notification the provision of the Services and the support of the user’s registration. The termination of the provision of the Services shall be considered as an automatic termination of the contract.
  • The parents exercising their parental rights or the guardians of a person under age shall be liable for all damages caused by the latter to NaturalSwiss or to third parties with respect to the registration and the use of the Services, subject to the present Terms and Conditions, as well as for all damages caused by filling false data in.

Username and Password

Art. 5.

  • The user shall be responsible for safeguarding his/her password, as well as for all actions, which are performed by him/her or by a third party through the use of his/her username and password.
  • The user is obliged to do his/her best and to take all due measures for the protection of his/her and password.
  • The user is obliged not to make available to third party his/her password and to notify immediately NaturalSwiss for any illegal access to his/her user profile, as well as for ascertained possibility of such access. Regardless of the above said, the user is obliged to notify NaturalSwiss for any unauthorized use of the Services provided.
  • With a view to the specificities of the Internet protocols and the security of protecting the data for the password, the user undertakes to terminate the session on which he/she has entered into his/her user profile by clicking on the virtual button “Sign out”.

Terms and Conditions Amendment


  • As far as the Services provided by NaturalSwiss are various and permanently increasing and modifiable with a view to their improving and widening, as well as in accordance with the legislative changes that reflect upon the Services provided, the present Terms and Conditions could be amended unilaterally by NaturalSwiss
  • In the event of amendment of these Terms and Conditions, NaturalSwiss TD is with seat and registered address in office: Jelenia 1, 811 05, Bratislava, Slovakia – Europian Union member state
  • NaturalSwiss undertakes to notify the user by sending him/her an email and/or by publishing in his/her user profile, testimonial or on an outstanding place on any NaturalSwiss websites. If the user does not state within the term under paragraph 2 above that he/she rejects the changes, it shall be considered that he/she is bound with them. Otherwise, NaturalSwiss is entitled to cease immediately the provision of the Services with respect to the disagreed user, which shall be regarded as an automatic termination of the contract.

II. Services

Free Services

Art. 7.
Free Services rendered by NaturalSwiss are such Services which are accessible to the user via NaturalSwiss websites after his/her prior registration under Art. 4, Para 2 of the present Terms and Conditions.

Prices and Way of Payment

Art. 8.

  • The prices for the Services are published on the respective web pages of www.naturalswiss.co.uk. and are subject to alternation by NaturalSwiss The amount of each price is VAT inclusive /if applicable/. Further alternations of the prices shall not affect the user who has already paid for a certain Service.

The user may pay the price in any of the ways described on the respective web page in www.naturalswiss.co.uk

III. Rights and obligations of the parties

Rights and Obligations of the User

Art. 9.
The user has right to online access to the Services provided in accordance with the terms and conditions for the use of these Services as determined by NaturalSwiss. In order to access the Services where prior registration is required the user shall enter his/her username and password.

Art. 10.
The user has right to access to and correction of his/her personal data provided with regard to his/her registration in www.naturalswiss.co.uk. These rights are to be exercised by the user online though his/her user profile.

Art. 11.
The user undertakes to observe the terms and conditions regarding the regime for use of the Services as well as regarding any other line of conduct determined by NaturalSwiss for the purposes of protection or improvement of the Services’ quality and reliability.

Art. 12.
The user shall ensure by himself/herself the necessary computer and technical equipment and Internet access, which are necessary for using the Services provided.

Art. 13.

  • All intellectual property rights regarding the content on the website www.naturalswiss.co.uk, including but not limited to, the text, pictures, designs, graphics, photos and other video material, sound material, format, software, data compilations, databases (including NaturalSwiss Database) and other materials, as well as the intellectual property right regarding the Services, are subject to protection under the Slovak law and are sole property of NaturalSwiss or the referred third party granting the right to use these rights to NaturalSwiss. The user may not use the website www.naturalswiss.co.uk, the Services or any element of the content thereof, in any other way than for their respective purposes.
  • The right of access of the user does not include the right to copy or reproduce the content of www.naturalswiss.co.uk or any part or element of it or to use any intellectual property objects possessed by NaturalSwiss or by any third party, unless it is regarding non-substantial volume of content only for the purposes of personal and non-commercial use which does not prejudice the lawful interests of the authors or any other owners of intellectual property rights. Notwithstanding the above, the user may not remove any designation or information regarding the trademark or the possession of other kind of intellectual property rights over the available materials.
  • Unless it is explicitly agreed, the user may not make the content of the www.naturalswiss.co.uk, any element of it or the Services available in any way to third parties and may not multiply it. This, inter alia, means the user may not extract and/or reuse substantial parts of the content of www.naturalswiss.co.uk and/or repeatedly and systematically extract and reuse non-substantial parts of the content without written permission of NaturalSwiss
  • In case of breach of any of the restrictions under the above paragraphs 1 – 3 the user shall pay to NaturalSwiss a penalty to the amount of 2 000 (two thousand) euro for any single breach. The penalty specified herein shall not preclude NaturalSwiss’s right to seek damages exceeding the amount of the above penalty.

Right and Obligations of Designconnected

Art. 14.
NaturalSwiss undertakes to take all the due care for providing the users the Services, subject to the present Terms and Conditions.

Art. 15.

  • In case where the user has not been accessed to his/her user profile more than 90 (ninety) days, NaturalSwiss shall have right to deactivate or to delete his/her username and password. If the user uses paid Services under Art. 9 of the present Terms and Conditions, NaturalSwiss shall not deactivate or delete his/her username and password before the end of the subscription period of time or the exhaustion of the volume which are prepaid by the user.
  • Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, in case where the user infringe any of the intellectual property rights over the content or any part of the content of www.naturalswiss.co.uk, NaturalSwiss shall have the right to deactivate or to delete his/her username and password.

Art. 16.

  • NaturalSwiss is entitled, but not obliged, to install cookies on the user’s computers – small text files created by a web page through an Internet server and stored on the user’s hard disk which create an opportunity for recovery of information concerning the user and tracking his/her actions.
  • NaturalSwiss may place hyperlinks and advertisements at the website www.naturalswiss.co.uk for selling goods and rendering services by third parties – partners of NaturalSwiss. NaturalSwiss is not liable for the availability and the quality of these goods and for the contents of these services, as well as for the performance of all undertaken obligations, pertaining to their provision, as far as the actions of the third parties – partners of NaturalSwiss, are not under the NaturalSwiss’s control.
  • When providing Services subject to the present Terms and Conditions NaturalSwiss retains the right to supply to the user’s attention or to attach to his/her user profile and to the website www.naturalswiss.co.uk hyperlinks and advertisements, pointing websites, which are out of the NaturalSwiss’s control. NaturalSwiss does not bear any responsibility for the access to and the contents of such websites, neither does it for the use of the services provided by these websites, as far as NaturalSwiss does not control their contents and the character of the services rendered.
  • NaturalSwiss is entitled to send the users commercial communications, concerning new services, services provided by its partners or changes of the present Terms and Conditions and the ways for the use of the Services provided hitherto. By accepting the present Terms and Conditions the user agrees to receive unsolicited commercial communications from NaturalSwiss.

Art. 17.

  • NaturalSwiss is entitled, but not obliged, to remove, to delete or to block at its own discretion any part or element of the website www.naturalswiss.co.uk content.
  • NaturalSwiss is entitled, but not obliged, to save any content, situated on the its server and to submit it to third parties and the respective authorities in the cases, when this is necessary for protection of the rights, lawful interests and security of NaturalSwiss or third parties, as well as in the cases, when the respective content is required by the respective state authorities.

IV. Personal data protection

Personal Data

Art. 18.
NaturalSwiss is entitled to collect, use and process information about its users when they are registered under Art. 4, Para 2 of the present Terms and Conditions. The information through which the person might be identified may include name, family name, address, telephone, profession and any other kind of information, which the user provides during his/her registration. This information may also include any other details which the user fills in, provides or uses with respect to the demand and use of the Services provided or with respect to his/her participation in any promotions, lotteries, sweepstakes, inquiries, etc.

Personal Data Processing

Art. 19.

  • NaturalSwiss shall take all due care and shall be responsible for the protection of the user’s personal data which have become known with respect to the provision of the Services, subject to the present Terms and Conditions, unless in cases of force majeure, chance events or malicious actions of third parties.
  • NaturalSwiss shall designate in the registration form whether the provision of the data is obligatory or voluntary as well as the consequences of the refuse the data to be provided. By accepting the present Terms and Conditions, the user agrees his/her personal data to be processed as stipulated herein.
  • The limitations under paragraph 1 above shall not apply in cases of malicious actions or infringement of third party’s rights or lawful interests by the user or person under his/her control. In this case, NaturalSwiss may provide user’s personal data to the competent state authorities in accordance with the applicable law.

FONDY Payment Gateway

The FONDY Payment Gateway is a simple and safe way to pay online. The FONDY Payment Gateway is under the supervision of the National Bank / FCA UK license number, no. 900705). After selecting the payment option, you will be redirected to the bank page. When paying with a card, you need to enter your credit card details. Your payment will be credited within minutes. This way you pay with a credit card via internet or a fast online bank transfer. This form of payment is not charged.

For more information, visit our website: https://fondy.eu